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Subject: bones and bonersI would just like to say that I do not know the sexual status of people in
this story and that the original characters bios are masturbating preteen as Kathy riechs wrote
them and by the Fox Network. This story is based on the hit TV show Bones
staring David Boreanaz and Emily Dascheneal. ~ Bones and Boners ~ part 2Agent booth woke the next morning and sat up in his bed he laid his head in
his hands as he thought about what had happened yesterday in sweets
office. Well sweets didn't seem too angry or upset from the outburst that
had happened the previous evening and booth was just hoping that he hadn't
told anyone else in the Jeffersonian.He sat down for breakfast and thought about what preteen underground picture he was going to do about
the situation, he decided that he should confront sweets and tell him that
parker was joking around and that what he said wasn't true and hopefully
they could forget about it, but then he thought about how he actually did
think that sweets was cute and how he had always wanted to tell him but had
been to afraid to. He couldn't preteen young candid make up his mind about what to do, stop any
form of relationship from happening or possible start one.Either way he would have to confront sweets and he was nervous about doing
that. He parked his car out side hentail preteen the Jeffersonian and nervously walked in
and went straight to sweets office.Sweets however had been excited by that fact that booth thought he was cute
and would love to make his own feelings known. He had expected booth to
come to his office the next morning.Booth entered and shut the door behind him sweets was smiling and leaning
against his desk, sweets dropped a piece of paper, booth bent down to pick
it up and as he did sweets made sure he got a good look of booths ass
straining against the fabrics of his pants. Booth handed sweets that paper
and as they touched it felt like a spark lept between them.Booth went on to say "listen sweets about yesterday" but he was interrupted
by sweets who said " so you think im cute" who had a large smile on his
face, booth flushed and stammered in the cute way that he does but sweets
motioned that they should sit down on the couches and that booth could try
and explain himself. Sweets was a psychologist and knew that booth was
looking for an excuse but he would give him the time of day anyway.Sweets put his finger to booths lips to motion for him to stop talking
before he kissed booth their lips met in a moment of passion and finally
thy were both doing what they had wanted to do for a while the broke apart
smiling and realizing that they both wanted this. Booth removed his jacket
and loosened his tie while sweets undid his shirt. Sweets stradelled booths
waist and there were only a few thin piece of material stopping their cocks
from touching, sweets went in for another kiss, but booth started kissing
sweets neck, if they were going to have a relationship he was going to be
the dominant one, he worked his way down sweets neck and started to kiss
his nipples and play with them with his teeth gently pulling on the sweets
moaned and tossed his head back as he was in a moment of pleasure.He loved what booth was doing and let him be used by the uk preteen schoolgirls hot agent, booth
was about to kiss sweets again when a knock at the door broke their moment,
their boss cam said" dr sweets are you in there I need you to look over
some personality trait files" booth and sweets broke apart and frantically
re dressed the selves and re arranged the furniture. Ok this one was a bit longer, please tell me what you think/liked/disliked
as I will help change the story to what you would like in it. I really want
to do an intimate scene with booth noelle model preteen
and sweets again so please uk preteen schoolgirls email me.
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